Combeferre: Bonjour, everybody! My name is Combeferre, and I am to be your guide here. Where is here, you ask? You are presently in the Rue de Mondètour. More specifically, you are at our barricade. Wait, wait, calm down! What do you mean, you were just looking for the nearest apothecary?! Well, you're here now, I suppose...Hello, what have we here? Hey everybody, I'd like to introduce my friend Enjolras. Enjolras, this is--

Cillabub: (interrupts him, pushing a puzzled Enjolras back in the direction of the barricade) Enjolras can't talk now. (smiles prettily) But I'm here if anybody has any questions...?

Combeferre: (raises his hand meekly) I have a question. Who in the blazes are you?!

Cilla: Who am I?! I am the reason you can even talk to these good people now. You, my friend, are in my humble corner of cyberspace. It is through my omnipotent grace that you are showing our friends here around.

Combeferre: (blinks) 'Cyberspace'?

Cilla: (ignores him; turns to you) Ah, mes amis! Don't mind him, he's new at this webpage thing. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Cillabub, your webmistress. For those of you who are mired in a pathetic state of boredness, you can learn about me here.

Courfeyrac: (pokes his head cheekily around the corner) And who is really that bored?

Cilla: (glares) Courfeyrac, don't make me come over there and hurt you! (turns sweetly back to you) Isn't he just charming? Welcome to my webpage! I suppose it's up to me to give you the links, since Combeferre appears to be in a less than cooperative mood. First of all, when did I last update, you ask? Why, 5/29/04, dahlings!

Here are your choices, boys and girls:

Combeferre's Domicile

This is Combeferre's little contribution to the WWW. Find all manner of peculiar little things here.

The Torture Chamber

At least the Mizzies seem to be of the opinion that it's a form of torture. This is where you'll find my fanfic & parodies, and hopefully those of others, too.

Painting Our Potraits...

This is my fanart section. That's all. :-)

Painting Our Portraits (Deux)

This is the page for other peoples' fanart, also home to images I don't deem have any better place to go on this site. We're open to contributions!

The Sketch Pad

Here's a little page with some of my rough sketches, cartoons, preliminary drawings, and other stuff that is too bad-looking to go on the Images Page. ;-)

got miz?

'Ferre and I have started our own adoption agency! We have our little milk-mustached darlings now...please adopt them! Take them off our hands! :-)

Hobby...or Obsession?

No, not talking about Les Mis, this time...This is my tiny page on costuming, which is one of the few things, other than Miz, that brings me great joy.


This is a page for those of you who look at other movies, books, plays, etc., and say, 'Hey, that character reminds me of [insert random Les Mis character]'. Contributions are appreciated. :-)

The Frat House

This is the page devoted entirely to my modern Mizzies. Don't ask; it's too strange to explain here...;-)


A page to house my little attempts at amusing myself over the summer...come here if you like vampires, Les Amis, decent inked art by yours truly, or all of the above.

Someone's Got to Collect Their Odds and Ends...

My miscellaneous section, which includes the poll and random in-teresting pictures, heh. The dear philosopher has his own section for this on his page, so don't look for any of his cluttered miscellany here!

Merci Beaucoup!

My page of appreciation. Most people on this page had a hand in bringing this site to life, so check it out.

I'm Leaving Now for Santa Fe...

The section given to my favorite links. If you must leave, these are the places to go to next!

Combeferre: Hmmm, looks as though I've been left to deliver the disclaimer. Well, here goes: Les Misérables and its characters and songs, etc., and the credit thereof, belong to M. Victor Hugo (who, we express our fondest hopes, is not rolling madly in his grave right now) and Boublil and Schonberg, and Cameron Mackintosh, and probably hundreds of other people we are forgetting to mention. It most definately does not belong to us, and this site was not created for profit. Also, we'd really appreciate it if you ask the author of any original material before taking anything off this site, be it ours or someone else's. Thank you.

Cilla: In other words, it's a heinous act to steal other people's stuff, so don't even think about it! *grrrrr* Oh yeah, don't forget, you can contact me here! Any comments would be appreciated...

Combeferre: But Cilla gets really scary when you send burns, so please, for my sake, don't. Please.

Cilla: Enjoy the site, everybody! More to come soon, I hope! Oh, almost forgot the Dreambook...

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Eeeeee! I officially adopted Combeferre, thanks to Salatrel's adoption agency; isn't he the cutest?!

I love Enjolras...what a sweetie. Sorta. *g*

Green-eyed mercenaries and golden-haired Arabians

Aren't they precious? Trowa "Nanashi" Barton, Gundam pilot 03: the strong, silent type. Quatre Raberba Winner, Gundam pilot 04: the innocent warrior.


Don't slam Wufei! He just has very strict, sometimes warped ideals. Like Enjolras, okay? ;-)

Prince of Mirkwood    King among Men    Son of Gondor

C'mon, you know they're cute! ;-) It's Legolas, Aragorn, and Boromir...*grins madly* Adopt here!

You're Enjolras/Combeferre!
Your profile: You have the appeal of being both balanced and affectionate. You're quite possibly the ideal relationship, even if you don't get much attention.

Example story: Flames

Which Les Miz Slash Pairing Are You?

You're Joly!
Future doctor and budding hypochondriac. You're somewhat neurotic, but an awful lot of fun to be with. Your best pal is Bossuet.

Which Barricade Boy Are You?

You are Grantaire's Angelic Dead Sister!
A frail, beautiful child, you perished of consumption shortly before your thirteenth birthday, causing your brother to turn to drink and incomprehensible rambling. Alas.

Which Marie-Suzette Are You?

You are Marcelin Enjolras III, the Ice Prince.

What Egyptian Deity are you? go to:the quiz!

I'm Marius!
Which Anne Rice Vampire are you?
by Tera

You are a Lurker
You are a Lurker.

Which fandom archetype are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Aren't they precious? Especially Rosencrantz...or is that Guildenstern...? ;-D

you are "the heroine", you kick ass chick
you. if you're a guy and you got this, buff up
a little hey?

What fairy tale cliche are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

50% seme
50% Seme

How seme are you?
brought to you by Quizilla


From left to right: Yoda, Armand (of Vampire Chronicles fame), and the Green Fairy (Moulin Rouge!). Cutecutecute!! Provided by the supremely cool Pixel Empire!

Which Angel Sanctuary character are you? by Lyn

How did I end up with this bastard?? O.o Am I really that mean??? ;-)

you are KAMBEI. You are a natural leader. You and
thoughtful and wise. People respect you with
good reason

Which of the Seven Samurai are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

what flavor pocky are you?

[c] sugardew

You are a Tolkien Conservative
TOLKIEN CONSERVATIVE: Traditional, loyal, faithful, and, above all,
reverent defender of Tolkien and his works.
You probably either belong to the Canon Police
or are a sympathizer. Though you have a
tendency to be pompous, supercilious, and
condescending in conversing with fans who fail
to meet your exacting standards for approval,
you won't burn anyone at the stake.

Tolkienology 101: What is Your Tolkien Belief System?
brought to you by Quizilla

The sixth book written, you're nevertheless the first chronologically. You not only describe the creation of Narnia and tell where the White Witch, the lampost and the wardrobe came from, you get to bounce between worlds with the help of Uncle Andrew's weird magic rings.

Find out which Chronicles of Narnia book you are.

Which Evil Criminal are You?

Which Annoying B-list Celebrity Are You?

Which Famous Homosexual are you?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

People were hung in various positions from you, sometimes with weights, stretching and dislocating limbs. Sometimes they were left to starve or succumb to the elements. All in all, you're a pretty forgiving person, provided they don't -really- get you angry.

What torture would you be?

Which beatnik are you?
You are Allen Ginsberg
The "Which Beatnik Are You?" test was created by . Take the test here!

Adso von Melk

Mmm, 14th-century monks...;-D I don't think any higher powers will hold it against me if I think that Adso is quite adorable indeed and rather chibi besides. *g*

Merry & Pippin Rock Middle Earth!

She looks blue...