Painting Our Portraits...

Cillabub: This is my section to host.

Combeferre: What are you implying, that I can't draw?!

Cilla: Hey, you said it, not me. But actually no, I'm merely implying that you can't draw anything save silkworm moths.

Combeferre: --By heart! Doesn't that count for something?!

Cilla: Hey, whatever. All of these are my pictures; if you ever draw anything, I'll post it here. (turns to you) That goes for all of you out there, too. My guidelines for fanart are basically the same as my ones for fanfic. Well, enjoy, and draw something and send it to me if you feel like it! Oh, BTW, most of the following drawings are in order of creation, the most recent ones being near the top. If you like, visit the Sketch Pad or the other Images Page when you're done here!

The Enjolras Logo
Probably my favorite of my pictures, it's the Les Mis logo featuring Enjolras rather than Cosette. He looks like a little kid, but cute, nonetheless.

Mink Hamlet
Actually not a Hamlet at all, nor an Enjolras (the next guess, I suppose). He's Philippe Combeferre, a lovely strawberry-blond belonging to Soujin. He has a mink skull and a Collinè coat--in short, I envy him. Here's a smaller version of the same picture.

Scattered Hair
As the title suggests, the hair in this picture is the only thing that saved it from the wastebasket. It was the part I really liked (besides the fact that it's amorous Enjolras and Combeferre, of course). I drew this on the airplane ride home from Paris, for the sole purpose of freaking out the stranger sitting next to me.

Feuilly and Bossuet
I know, the title basically says it all. It's that simple.

An illustration for "The Shadow," a fanfic that I love by Soujin. 'Ferre and little Samuel Enjolras, of course. No particular scene, but influenced by one in particular.

Monk's Hood
The title's taken from the title of a Borhter Cadfael episode, but it's just an illustration of Tristan Enjolras and Brother Miquel Combeferre from my own fanfic, "Benedict." I love monkish Combeferre--he's so sweet...:-)

Rose Petals and Frenchmen
Silly florist Prouvaire, looking about ready to go skipping through fields of wildflowers. Sweet little fairy-boy. :-)

Sheep Hearts and Other Obstacles to Attaining to the Medical Profession
Nerdy med students, *sigh*. Joly and Combeferre, of course, engrossed in the dissection of what looks to be a sheep heart, hence the title. They're so adorable, although my Joly still looks like a little French leprechaun to me. *shrug* He's probably wondering what dread disease he's going to catch from doing dissection labs (if he was that concerned, though, you'd think he'd put some gloves on). And Combeferre looks far too happy with what he's doing.

Another Art Nouveau Enjolras, rather more feminine; this fellow is Narilsa's Enjolras, not mine. This is Julien Enjolras, ruling France as an iron-fisted Saint-Justian dictator, and also bereft of his Combeferre. Poor, deranged lad...

Art Nouveau-inspired Enjolras (avec red flag, naturally), based heavily off of the amazingly gorgeous work of this darling, genius man. He was soooo much fun to draw and I am considering a background for him, but I'm not sure how to go about it, so he'll just have to keep as he is for now. Here's a close-up of his face.

Vampire Courfeyrac. Don't ask me why he's a blood-sucking monster, but it was just screaming to be drawn, and I'm quite happy with the results. *purr*

Pretty Boy
Odd little Enjolras. This pic didn't start as an Enjolras, but it sure ended up like one. Currently featured on the main page.

Mad Scientist
Awwww...'Ferre has a bit of trouble with his chemistry set...;-D

Portrait in Four Stanzas or Less
Quick Prouvaire fun. I was really bored in Bio, and he came out looking like an elf. Not that that's a bad thing.

Un Baiser
The noun "baiser," not the verb, you hentai. XD I'm not happy with how it turned out, but it'll have to do until I can think of more original ways for my Enjolras and Combeferre to be making out. My my, those boys can't keep their hands off one another, can they? ;-D A pretty typical anime kiss--no lips.

Blondeau's Undertaker
Quite obviously, Bossuet. He's rather cute-looking, actually, one of my cuter Bossuets. Not fully shaded, but I do like him thus far, and considering how hard he is for me to draw, I'm fairly satisfied for now.

*sigh* More pointless fluffy 'Ferre/Enjolras staring. I don't know why 'Ferre looks so unhappy...If Enjolras's face was that close to mine, I wouldn't be pouting. ;-D

Ehh, misleading title...what, I couldn't think of anything else! It's a perfectly 'Ferre/Enjolras slashy pic, so if you can't stomach the pairing, you may despise me for the insinuation...;-P But oh well. Nothing explicit and very manga-ish (no shading, 'cause I had intended to color it...).

Coeurs Refroidis
A fun little manga page I did to pass the time at camp (my job ;-))...don't mind the bad scan quality...It's not that crooked in real life. The text is lifted (stolen, I guess you could say) straight out of the original French text of Les Mis (the chapter called "Enjolras et ses lieutenants," for those of you who know what the heck I'm talking about), the part where Enjolras is randomly yelling at Grantaire (wait, that's every other chapter! ;-)). And don't be too distressed by the super-deformed Combeferre in the first panel...>;-D

Wet Prouvaire
As if that title isn't enough of a reason to take a look...;-D I guess I meant it to be Jehan, probably during the emeute, and what he's holding was not actually supposed to be a big stick, but rather a carbine. Oh well. Never got around to finishing that, so maybe this ought to be in my Sketch Pad. <:-)

Joly with a Vengeance
Very anime in style. *whew* Exhausting to color, but it was a lot of fun, even though he came out looking a little like an angry leprechaun. "Where the @&%$#!&$ are me Lucky Charms" sort of thing. As you all may have noticed, I'm not much of a Joly/Bossuet person, but lately I've felt a compulsion to draw them. I have finally determined that the blame for this must lie in Grayswandir's influence. ;-D

"We Will Share Your Fate!"
What follows the Le Cabuc incident in canon. Well, okay, maybe it's a little romanticized, but that's my style, dammit! It's 'Ferre & Jehan, in case you don't know what I'm talking about, when they "clasped hands in the corner" after/during Enjolras's speech. This piece took way too long to finish...:-) Here, I've darkened it a bit on Photoshop.

Les Anges
Thanks to Petronelle for the idea. Well, okay, thanks to V. Hugo for the actual idea. :-) This is my first foray into the world of Adobe computer coloring (layers! Yay!). It's based on one of the many quotes comparing Combeferre to Enjolras: "[It's] the difference which separates the angel with the wings of a swan, from the angel with the wings of an eagle." In the style of manga, where this winged-person sort of thing is really rather common. ;-)

My first oil painting ever. Certainly my first painting of Combeferre, and although it doesn't feature a high content of the artistic technique the title implies, I didn't really have title for it, so I improvised. ;-) Currently on the Index Page, except with some Adobe changes.

This is a rather forlorn-looking 'Ferre, actually. What more to say about it?

Fantine & Félix
Cartoon-ish Fantine and Tholomyès. That's all. ;-)

Not to be confused with "Menage a Trois," which portrays my modern Amis, this is the current pic on the Splash Page. It was done as an illustration for "A Wasps' Nest", which is an utterly slashy collection of tales with a Combeferre/Enjolras emphasis. Much coolness. The picture is actually rather tame in comparison to the story. ;-D

Ordinarily, I would not give a piece such a presumptuous name, but I feel that Joly/Bossuet is sometimes one of the only reliable things in this world. Not that I don't support a platonic relationship, that is. However, this piece is rather simple and only slightly implicative of such a thing anyhow.

Animé Eponine
Now, I debated as to whether to post this as a sketch or a piece, and I decided to put it here, rather than here mostly because it has color. This is simply an impromptu piece I did of 'Ponine in marker and vague anime style. Nothing too complex.

Le Cinq de Juin (COMPLETE)
This is by far the most complex picture I've ever drawn...or rather, it's taken me longer than any I've ever drawn. ;-) All the Amis are now added, in honor of Barricade Day 2002, as follows (from left to right): Grantaire, Bahorel, Prouvaire, Combeferre, Enjolras, Courfeyrac, Feuilly, Joly, and Laigle. It's supposed to somewhat represent what they may have looked like on their way to the barricades the afternoon of June 5th.

I promise, one day I'll draw someone besides Combeferre! ;-) This is without a doubt the most detailed drawing I've done of the Good Philosopher, and seemed to me to resemble one of those portrait photographs your parents force you to have taken when you're little...BTW, this one was drawn chiefly in Chemistry, when I should have been using my time to study for Semester Exams. <:-)

Joyeux Noël
Combeferre warms up to Fearless Leader under the the mistletoe...'nuff said...;-) Happy Holidays, everybody!

Everybody Loves Enjolras-Orestes
I've attempted to put into a drawing the different relationships that are implied in my fic "Orestes: 1832" between Enjolras and other characters. Some people have asked me if there is Enjy/'Ferre slash in "Orestes", and my response is to think whatever you want to think. However, this picture, with Hermione and 'Ferre on either side of Enjy, assumes that Combeferre may have some strong, albeit unreciprocated, feelings for his best friend...

Bahorel Sketch
I don't particularly like Bahorel, but I got the sudden urge the other day in Spanish to at least sketch here is my impression of him (very different from my modern interpretation of him! ;-))

Just A Friendly Argument
I admit it. I draw both 'Ferre and Enjolras far too much. :-) But bear with me. My Enjolras has been developing and changing for as long as I've been drawing Les Mis. (One day, I'll post my really old Enjy drawings. They were really bad...) This is 'Ferre and Enjy arguing, nothing simpler. And I'd love to just wipe that awful sneer off Fearless Leader's face...:-) Oh, and this is your chance to see how truly short my Combeferre is...:-)

Act of Mercy
This is somewhat similar to the below sketch, only much more faithful to the book. Literally, Combeferre's last moment. It was begun on the evening of September 11, which rather explains its depressing subject matter.

Death of a Philosopher
This is a somewhat unusual piece, especially for me; I only do sketches like this when I am in a particularly foul mood. This is a pretty rough sketch of a mortally wounded Combeferre. Don't mind his rather ragged appearance; my friend even went so far as to say that he looked as if he had been "attacked by some sort of wild animal"...And don't ask where his boots are either. I don't know. :-)

The Physician
My first actual picture of Joly. He turned out looking much more professional and serious than I'd originally intended, so I gave him his medical bag and the cane M. Hugo refers to in the passage where we first meet Joly. :-) He also looks slightly older than he does in my mind's eye, but besides that, he's pretty cute. ;-)

Petit Combeferre
Ah, my first color picture in some time. This is supposed to be Combeferre at eleven or twelve, but the clothes are rather anachronistic. Actually, I'm not quite sure what I was doing with the clothes, which are rather like something out of a fantasy setting. Being a costumer, I am very particular about those sorts of things. *g*

This is nothing great, just part of a rough sketch that I did after being inspired by all the classical art of the Canadian Nat'l Art Gallery. I wanted to do a drawing of Apollo/Justice with the scales and sword, so I started a rough sketch on a piece of notebook paper, intending to do a real drawing later in my sketchbook. However, I liked the rough sketch too much, and realized that I probably couldn't reproduce it. It also turned out looking like Enjolras, coincidentally enough. Heh, Justice...Apollo...Enjolras. I only scanned in the head here.

OOC, of course, is the abbreviation for "Out Of Character", and this is a somewhat OOC Marius picture. I drew him in a somewhat anime style, so if he looks unusual, that's probably why. I don't think Marius would ever look this tough, except maybe during the powder keg incident at the barricade. Maybe.

Lovely Lady
I am pleased with this picture. It's the best drawing of Fantine I've ever done. My mom said it was ugly. And so it is, mother, so it is. Which makes it my best and most accurate Fantine picture yet. And, incidently, the only one I've done of her yet as a whore.

More Modern Amis
Here we have more of my modern Les Amis. From left to right: Bahorel, Combeferre, and Feuilly. And yes, Bahorel is a girl. And yes, Feuilly is a Communist artist who uses a utility belt to carry his art supplies. He also appears to have recently raided an Army Supply store. ;-)

Saint Etienne strikes again. A vaguely religious, vaguely slashy picture of 'Ferre and Enjolras...don't ask me why it is so much fun to draw the Good Philosopher with beams of light radiating out of his head...:-)

"Disney-ified" Enjolras
I know, I know, why in God's name would we want them to make an animated Disney movie out of Les Mis...However, if they should ever choose to do such an incomprehensible thing, this is my version of the Enjolras they would use (if they used any, that is >:-(). Basically just my E! drawn in a Disneyish style.

We Go Together
Whew. This one took me quite some time to do...yes, I actually took the time to draw every single one of my Amis. From left to right: R, Enjy, 'Ferre, Joly, Bahorel, Bossuet, Courfeyrac, Feuilly, and Jehan. I drew this in honor of June 5-6, 2001.

Modern Combeferre
Sometimes referred to as Ian Combeferre :-) This is a picture that was inspired by a drawing of Adrienne's in the fanart gallery of Le Jardin du Luxembourg. She drew a picture of a "Modern Enjolras", and this is my "Modern Combeferre", heh. He's part computer dork/modern-day philosopher. Nineteenth-century Combeferre seems to not appreciate this picture, for some strange reason...;-)

Hmmm, absolutely first time ever that I've drawn Jean Prouvaire. Perhaps some people would find it strange that I see him as fair-haired, but what can I say? Not everyone is always going to agree with my character interpretations...I can live with that. Everyone's going to visualize the characters differently. I did, however, try to make him have shamefully bad taste in clothing. ;-)

Les Mis on Ice: Eponine
Oh come on, haven't you ever wondered what Les Mis would be like as an ice skating show? :-D Well, I started wondering that during lunch yesterday. This picture is my impression of what Eponine might look like in such a production. Don't ask me what famous figure skater this is based on, 'cause the answer is none. I am hopelessly ignorant of figure skating, heh, heh...Maybe some day I'll draw ice-skating Marius (ooh, scary, mmm?)

"Take the Bastard Now and Shoot Him!"
Well, okay, the actual picture is kinda the opposite of the title. If anyone isn't familiar with the 3NT staging of the scene immediately after "Little People", Combeferre defends Javert against the others (who were just about ready to shoot him on the spot; think Prouvaire's death in the book). This is Mr. Graham Rowat's interpretation...he's cool...:-D So this is an illustration of that (although 'Ferre doesn't look like Graham in this drawing; he looks like my Combeferre...).

Les Amis
Hmmm...just a random picture of Enjolras, Combeferre and Gavroche. Drawn because, well, by God, I felt like drawing them. :-)

Twisted Phantom
Well. I don't know where this picture came from. I got to thinking one day that if I ever decided to parody Phantom of the Opera with Les Mis, Grantaire would be Erik and Enjolras would be Christine. *g* they are.

Orestes: 1832 Logo
This is the rather time-consuming logo I drew for my fanfic, "Orestes: 1832". It has Circe, the two sisters, the Furies, and Enjolras and Grantaire, obviously. Only regret: I didn't have enough space to draw everything. *g*

Tricolor: Liberty vs. Love
Whoa. Don't even ask where the idea for this totally bizarre picture came from. It's a drawing of Enjolras (center), with "Liberty" (whom I think you'll recognize) on his right, and "Love" (represented by Aphrodite) on his left; I guess they're fighting over his soul. Reminds me of those fanfics, where poor E! has to decide between his precious cause, and "true love"...Well, whatever. :-)

Mizzie Angels
An intriguing concept that I came up with at school today--a Les Mis/Charlie's Angels crossover drawing. Cosette, Eponine, and Fantine as the girls, of course! Note: to the best of my knowledge, there is no existing corresponding parody to this...;-)

"Color of Despair" Picture
Okay, I couldn't come up with a good's a picture I drew based on Kristin Telfer's lovely story, "The Colour of Despair". Pretty basic--just R and the crow. My first-ever attempt at drawing with charcoal! Yay! *g*

Raisa-Émilie Enjolras
My picture of Mme. Daisy's lovely Enjolras, Raisa-Émilie, getting into her "disguise"...Combeferre's got a major crush on her, heh...

His Mistress
An illustration of the passage in the novel about Enjolras's "mistress". That's why he looks so sad...*sob* Oh yeah, and the first time I've ever attempted drawing Bossuet...and the barricade, for that matter...*g*

Retreat to Corinthe
My illustration of the insurgents' retreat into Corinthe during the fall of the barricade. Enjolras looks like a freak thus far...this picture is actually not done, as far as I'm concerned. I'll probably add more to it later, then post the adapted version.

White and Black
Just a little drawing of what the Cosette logo might look like as a black and white photo's another one I've had for a while, and just found the time to put up.

My latest drawing of Eponine, as a twelve or thirteen-year-old. Combeferre claims that it bears striking resemblance to another waifish little girl we all know...

Sweet Li'l Cosette
Pardon the title, but that's all that seemed to fit...It's a cartoon of Cosette (adult) that I drew, this time in Spanish II. *g* She's kinda cute!

One Day More!
A sketch I made of Enjolras in "One Day More", obviously. Who knows, maybe sometime I'll get around to drawing the other characters in their ODM poses, too...

Bridge of Regrets
Based on Jonai's fic We Were, all basicness, it's R on a bridge. :-)

Castle on a Cloud
A little cartoonish-thingy I drew on a worksheet (I tend to do that a lot) at school. It's a picture of little Cosette and her doll (Catherine, wasn't it?).

The World as Seen From the Top of the Barricade
A picture I am somewhat fond of, of Enjolras, in one of those typically dramatic, revolutionary-type poses. With a carbine, of course. The shading pleases me.

Empty Chairs at Empty Tables
I find this pic so dorky-looking, it's cute. It's Marius, with his mouth kinda hanging open, and I think it's kinda like an "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" scenario (hence the name...).

Jessica Boevers as Eponine
This is one of the only pictures I drew straight off of a photograph. It's of Jessica Boevers, the Eponine I saw on Broadway.

Chris Peterson as Enjolras
Another picture I based on a photo. This one of Christopher Mark Peterson, who I saw as Enjolras on Broadway. He was cool!

The Discussion
From left to right: Gavvie, an anonymous Ami (I haven't decided who it is), Combeferre (the one with the book), Courfeyrac, and Enjolras (seated). Um, discussing.

Flower of the Underworld
My drawing of Montparnasse, just about the only one I've ever done (whereas I draw Enjolras almost every day...). My friend is fond of this one. :-)

Fairly descriptive name, non? This is one of my earlier pictures of Courfeyrac. In color *gasp*!

One of my older pictures, of the three oldest Thénardier children. Another one in color *gasp*! They're kinda sweet, in a weird sort of way.

Do You Hear the People Sing?
Probably my first Les Mis drawing (well, the first one that was any good, at any rate). One of my first conceptions of Fearless Leader.

Cilla: That's all I have up now. Sure, I have other stuff, but I haven't yet decided whether or not I should let you see it.

Combeferre: Yeah, she's nice that way.

Cilla: *shoots him an Enjolraic look* All right, M. Wise Guy. Geez, you're getting as bad as Courfeyrac. Oh yeah, and if I catch anyone stealing anything off this page, I will personally hunt you down and...and...I dunno, I'll think up something if that circumstance ever arises.

Combeferre: And you don't want that. But seriously, don't steal these pics, please. It's a very personal thing, and they have sentimental value to her. Thanks.

Cilla: (a bit surprised) Why, thank you, Combeferre. (turns to you) Isn't he sweet? Anyway...

Home, home on the range...