The Frat House

Cillabub: Hey everybody, and welcome to the Frat House, home to my modern Friends of the ABC! These boys (and girls) comprise a strange little group, and I have fanart and a fanfic devoted to them. Eventually, I will write descriptions of each individual character, but right now, the only true testament to their personalities is the fic. And now, without further ado...


Marc Enjolras
This is my modern Enjy, looking a bit crafty in this particular picture.

Ian Combeferre
Here's an old picture of modern 'Ferre. I've always loved his shirt in this pic...

Jonathan "Keats" Prouvaire
This is a vaguely anime-ish sketch of modern Prouvaire, known to his friends as "Keats". He likes black berets...:-)

Radley Courfeyrac
Courfeyrac is such a cute preppie...;-)

More Modern Amis
These are, from left to right, Guadalupe Bahorel, Ian Combeferre, and Lukasz Feuilly. Bahorel is cool, for a female character...:-)

Feuilly Sketch
A quick sketch of Feuilly, perhaps looking a little fed up...?

Menage a Trois
Before you start railing me out for being a sicko, this is emphatically not a sick picture. This is, from left to right, Jackson Joly, Musichetta Walker, and Courtney Laigle.

Eponnyne Thénardier
Different name spelling, same old Marius obsession...

Frances Grantaire
This is a picture by Jackie, who holds a fondness for Grantaires of all sorts...;-) I so want Frankie's "Boy Bands Suck" T-shirt. :-D


Decidedly Unreasonable
Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter VI
Chapter VII
Chapter VIII
Chapter IX

This is my only fic featuring my modern darlings. Obviously, being the person I am, it mainly focuses on Enjolras and Combeferre. Some of Les Amis go to Columbia University in New York City, some go to New York University (NYU) in aforementioned city, and some are...uh...not in school. :-) Beware of some changes in age, gender, etc. For example, Enjolras here is nineteen, and all ages of the others are adjusted accordingly, except for Marius, who is seventeen here. Warning: This fic centers on college kids, mostly boys. Whatever you would expect from college guys has the possibility of showing up in this fic. Example: Cursing (in multiple languages :-)), mild sexual situations, slashiness, yada, yada. Not anything to worry about, and nothing you haven't seen before. The title comes from a quote by George Bernard Shaw:
"Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world. Unreasonable people attempt to adapt the world to themselves. All progress, therefore, depends on unreasonable people."

Related Photographs

Low Library
This is the main building of the Columbia College campus. It was on the front steps of this building that the Modern Les Amis held their rallies. The next several photos are also from the Columbia campus.

The Interior of the Low Library
A photograph of the interior, and the statues along the top balconies.

Butler Library
While the Low Library is mostly for show, this is the actual working library of the campus. It isn't visible in this photo, but there are the names of famous philosophers/writers carved across the top of the building. Combeferre likes that.

A Rather Attractive Picture Featuring a Flagpole
Yeah, I really don't know what I was intending to photograph in this one...:-)

Journalism Building
This is the journalism wing, which Columbia is famous for. Prouvaire would, no doubt, have been seeing a lot of this building.

Earl Hall
I believe this is Earl Hall, which is the religious and student rights center of Columbia. Do correct me if I'm wrong...:-)

Philosophy Building
Here's the philosophy wing, where 'Ferre would probably spend quite a bit of time. The statue in front is a copy of The Thinker, obviously.

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The Columbia University Homepage
Map of Columbia Campus
This is the homepage of the neighborhood Columbia University is located in. Although most restaurants in the fic are made up to fit the names of the nineteenth-century Parisian cafés in the novel, some true places in Morningside Heights were used.
NYU Homepage
Greenwich Village

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The pictures in the collage do not belong to me and have been collected from various magazines, ads, etc. I am merely borrowing them for a wholesome, non-profit purpose. So there.