got miz?

Cilla: Awww...what does every Mizzie want?

Combeferre: *rolls eyes* To not meet a horrid, bloody demise wouldn't hurt...

Cilla: No, dummy. What you all want is someone to love you...

Combeferre: *wrinkles his nose* Where do you get that from?

Cilla: *sigh* Oh, just hush and trust me on this one. (turns back to you) Well, mes amis, you can help them out now. Adopt the little dears and put them in a nice pretty corner of your website. Somewhere where they'll be all happy. I assume that you all know the famous milk ads, featuring stars wearing the oh-so-chic milk mustaches? Weeeell...have you "got miz?"

Combeferre: *screams* Ahhhh, bad pun alert!

Cilla: Oh, puh-lease. Just for that, I'm gonna make one of these of you. Yeah, I don't have all of them up patient, darlings. :-) Oh, and if you're one of those milk people, pleeeeeeeeeease don't sue us! We don't mean harm, honest! And it's not like we're selling these or anything...

Pick one, dears (yes, we know they're all cute, but try to narrow it down to one *g*):

It's Javert, everybody! No, really?

Eeeeeeeee! Enjy's so cute!

R is such a cute dork...*g*...

Marius looks infinitely cuter with a milk mustache, *lol*.

Wow. Speaking of cute...such a little darling. How could you refuse this face???

Poor's hard for me to take her seriously like this...;-)

Beggars at the Feast...*lol*...

Now, just right click on the picture you want and save it under this name:

For Javert--"gotjavvie.jpg"

For Enjolras--"gotenjy.jpg"

For Grantaire--"gotr.jpg"

For Marius--"gotmarius.jpg"

For Gavroche--"gotgavvie.jpg"

For Eponine--"goteppy.jpg"

For Fantine--"gotfantine.jpg"

For the Thénardiers--"gottnardiers.jpg"

Upload the picture to your website...

Then, code the picture onto your site the way you would any picture (I suppose that differs, depending on what kind of code you use...). I regret that I cannot give you better instructions with this step, but I cannot show the code to use without my browser reading it wrong. The demned Ampersand commands refuse to work, too...

All we ask is that you provide a link back to this site (, whether making the picture itself into a link, or putting one, preferrably on the same page as the picture itself. Just a polite thing...thanks! Oh, and don't even think of passing them off as your own. We will stalk you out, and I'll send 'Ferre after you. (Hey, stop laughing!) But plagiarism.

If you encounter any problems getting it up, please e-mail me at Enjoy my little darlings!

Let's go redecorate...