Painting Our Portraits...Part II!

Cillabub: Whew! How did I accumulate so many images?!

Combeferre: Too much drawing. If you'll notice, most of the images on your page are yours.

Cilla: 'Ferre, you should draw me another picture to christen this page. But really, the truth is that I needed to split my drawings (which we have decided there are too many of?) and the other images into two separate pages. This page includes drawings gifted to me by other people, as well as the other assorted images that used to hang out on my Images Page.

By Adrienne:

The Youngest...Sister
Eeee! My first piece of someone-else-fanart!! This is an adorable drawing of Gavroche in a kerchief. Based on "Le Fiddler on the Roof", by yours truly!

Coolness! I was sent this lovely drawing of Grantaire as Pylades, as seen in my fic, "Orestes: 1832". Given to me as a birthday present, and described by the artist as looking rather "Old-Testament"...:-)

By Stefanie:

More other people fanart! This is Stefanie's cartoon of 'Zelma (as though you couldn't tell from the title, heh)...

Poor Musichetta
I feel your pain, ' isn't easy being a hypochondriac's girlfriend...a cute li'l cartoon of Joly's mistress. I'm proud of myself--I could read the French without the subtitling! (Don't laugh too hard; I'm in Spanish in school :-))

By Gengdalyn:

Serious Combeferre
Awww, is he not cute? Don't ask what this unnatural obsession with all-things-Combeferre is...I love the boy! Everyone send me Combeferre fanart! This is a pic drawn by Geng on the computer, which she says is 'Ferre looking more serious than usual.

By Jackie:

Grab a Snickers
Oh, oh, oh, soooo cute!! This picture, according the the artist, was inspired by a list of parodies at Le Café. Go figure. *g* If you don't think this is cute, you're really weird...:-)

Baby Javert
Wow, that's a new one...this is l'enfant Javert, which, if you ask me, is super-cute. Also one of the few Javert pics in this gallery, as you probably could tell. *lol*

Card-playing Courfeyrac
This is Courfeyrac, in living color! He is playing cards, as he has been known to do on occasion, and likely gambling, too...;-) Regardless of the fact that he doesn't have a table or chair...:-)

By Jen:

Enjolras Gingerbread Cookie
Hehehehe...yes, exactly what it sounds like. I've actually made Merry and Pippin cookies myself, so I can't comment...;-)

By Jonai:

Very cute Prouvaire, un-hindered by clothes...;-D Combeferre likes it (a lot ;-)).

By Mireille:

A somewhat anime-ish Enjolras...product of Barricade Day thoughts...:-)

By Emmaline:

Jehan Prouvaire
Pretty little poet...:-D

By Combeferre:

Polyphemus Moth
Well, I challenged him...this is Combeferre's one artistic forte. This is his drawing of a Polyphemus Moth, a North American species of silkworm moth, which he firmly insists on calling an Antheraea polyphemus. What a dork.

Other Assorted Pictures:

Enjolras Costume Design
Before you go praising me for this, it isn't mine. This is an original costume design drawing for Enjolras, made by Ms. Andreane Neofitou, and is copyright of her. I don't remember where I got this picture, but if it is off your site, and you don't want it here, please contact me and tell me so!

Pylades Saves the Day!
Heh, heh...I am such a Pylades Fan. How pathetic. If you don't know what the heck I'm talkin' about, read my fanfic. *LoL* This is a painting of Pylades defending Orestes from the Taurians, painted by Françoise Bouchot.

My Tribute to Li Shang
Mmm, rather descriptive title, if I do say so myself. Probably the most pathetic thing in the world is to have a crush on a cartoon character. ;-) Weeeeeeell...this is sort of a bunch of little sketches I drew of Li Shang (from the Disney movie Mulan, in case you don't know what the heck I'm talking about), who I have something of a crush on. *lol* I wanted to capture a whole bunch of different emotions, but I realized about halfway through that Shang's eyebrows are always in the same position, no matter how he's feeling, so what's the point, right? :-)

Mathew Brady
I know, you're thinking, 'Why is this here?' a book, I saw this picture, which is a photograph of Mathew Brady, famous Civil War photographer, at the age of twenty-seven or twenty-eight. I instantly thought of Combeferre, for some reason. He just bears this eerie resemblance to the Combeferre I see in my head (okay, mine has slightly longer hair, so what? ;-)). So, I put up this picture.

The Phantom of the Opera is Here...
Just thought you might like to see my charcoal drawing of Erik and Christine. This is devoted to my two friends who sang the title song at theatre camp (even though they'll probably never see this :-)).

Gundam Wing Collage
I know that this has nothing to do with Les Mis, or even musicals, but I want to start putting up some of my other artwork here too, which includes this collage of the Gundam boys that took me quite some time to draw. I added color to their eyes once I had scanned it in; I haven't yet decided whether to leave the eyes colorless or keep the color...Wufei turned out pretty good, as did Trowa. Duo's braid aggravates me; it probably took me longer to draw that one hair-do than to draw all of Quatre...:-)

Gavroche Sur Les Barricades
This is a painting that appeared on the cover of my French version of Les Mis (the third volume). The book credits the painting to Adolphe Willette, and calls it "Gavroche sur les barricades" ("Gavroche at the barricades"). I rather liked it, so I put it here. I am proud that I can read much of this book in French, even though I know pitifully little French (I take Spanish in school). However, I believe this is due to the fact that I have many passages practically memorized, and that French is a language rich with cognates. ;-)

Julien Sorel
Another book I am in the process of reading. This is Julien Sorel, the main character of a certain book by the title of The Red and the Black. So. If you can guess why I began reading it in the first place. ;-) But anyway, it's a good book thus far, but dear Julien reminds me a bit of Combeferre, only with a split personality, one of which is pure evil.

Les Amis de l'ABC
I love this picture!! It's from this French version of the second volume of Les Mis that I got for Christmas. This version has about eight center pages of color pictures from different drawings and movie versions! It's so beautiful...*sniff* This was my favorite is just so perfect for the boys. They don't say which student is which; I'll let you decide that for yourself...However, I did discover which version its from! It's a French 1982 TV movie, which is actually not bad and rather implies a Courfeyrac/Marius slashy pairing...hmmm...

Peter Lockyer
Eeeeeeeeeeee!! He is soooooo adorable!! I recently went to Les Mis in NYC, and had to go see the guys at the stage door. And yeah, that's me with him, right after I informed him that I was a stalker and I would like his autograph. ;-D

Ben Davis
A photo from the same Les Mis visit as the above pic. I love Ben Davis as Enjy!! *purrs* This is my second time seeing him in the role...

Robert Hunt
This is the current B-way Combeferre at the stage door. He was cool! But then, I think all 'Ferres are cool...;-)

Louis-Antoine Saint-Just
I love St.-Just, let me say that upfront. Sure, he's a wacko who had a bunch of people killed and was suspected of burning down his boarding school at a young age. *shrugs* So? He's adorable! This is a watercolor/ink drawing I did of him. ;-)

Another Saint-Just
Another St.-Just pic I did, this time at school. I used pointillism (lots of little dots ;-)), and I think he looks as adorable as ever...He even has his little gold earrings! Don't look at me that way...he really did wear earrings! :-D

Nicolas de Lenfent favorite vampire of all! This is Nicki, from the Anne Rice book The Vampire Lestat. He was Lestat's dearest friend during his mortal life, and was an extremely dark character. He played the violin with demonic passion, and went mad eventually, committing suicide. *sigh*

The Inimitable Graham Rowat
Here's me with my Combeferrian idol at the stage door of the performing arts center of Tampa, FL. The show the 3NT did there was actually over a year ago, but certain parties *coughcough*Esther*cough* didn't get the pictures developed until about a month ago. ;-)

Diana Kaarina
This is the lovely Eponine of our "Big 3NT Adventure" (tm) and one of the crushes of my dear 'Ferre. ;-D She's posing here with Eponoko, my best-est friend and the owner of the film roll that did not get developed for over a year...>:-D

Ewan McGregor as Julien Sorel
No, this picture has naught to do with Les Mis, but I adore it, so up it goes. In my online explorations, I discovered that Ewan McGregor, who is totally adorable, had made a version of Red and Black (sometimes called Scarlet and Black, for some odd reason) for BBC. If anyone has a copy of this movie...well, you're lucky. ;-)

Yet Another Saint-Just
Man, this guy's a fixation with this one, he looks more girly than in previous ones (if that's possible...), and kinda reminds me of the shoujo style of the old-school anime series Rose of Versailles, in which Saint-Just is actually a character. Hm...

The coolest bass I know of in the world of opera and the basis for Collins in Rent. I was watching a taped version of La Bohème and thought, wow this guy needs to be drawn. Of course, it should naturally follow that he should be drawn as an anime chibi, the cutest style of drawing imaginable. ;-) The entire pic isn't finished: here's a full-page scan of the unfinished, messy business, just to show you how I go about coloring these pictures.

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern
These two are absolutely *adorable*, although this picture I did of them is on the back of a worksheet and is very sketchy. I'll do better next time, I swear! *sweatdrop*

Scènes de La Vie de Bohème
Another La Bohème drawing, this one on the back of worksheet. These are Collinè--on the left with his awesome coat--and Schaunard, who's a bit of a flirt, I suspect. Many baritones are. This picture should seem a little more obvious and natural to RENT fans, who are well-versed in the Collins/Angel pairing. Close-up of Schaunard's face (he's so precious...!).

Velma Kelly from Chicago--one of the few women I've drawn in a long time.

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Sleeping
I promised that I'd draw a better picture of them someday! They're so cute (and here, somewhat slashy...;-)).

A Novel Portrait
Stephen Maturin of Master and Commander fame. This conception of him is based on the series of novels, not the movie (even though I adore Paul Bettany, and I love what he does with the character).

Edmund, Earl of Gloucester
What a creep. I love this guy--Glouscester's "bad son" from Shakespeare's King Lear--even though he's about as villainous as they come. Here he's quite bishy, and more than a little elvish-looking, for some reason. *shrug* But bear in mind that if I colored this, he would have black, black hair. *g*

Cillabub: Just as with my Images Page, don't take a thing off of this page without authorization. Please. Oh, and don't forget to submit!

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