manga-- (n.) black-and-white comics, with origins in Japan, characterized typically by a distinctive artistic style, a minimalist use of dialogue, and a combination of realistic and fantasy elements.

Cilla: Welcome to my little manga page! Okay, it's not a general manga's my attempt at manga, which is rather sorry compared to some mangas I've seen. Oh well. ;-)

This project is not mine alone.

Combeferre: You're certainly right about that. What about those hours you spent making me model for you?

Cilla: You shut it! I wasn't talking about you. Sheesh, these figments get bigger heads every day...No, actually, *shoots Combeferre a Look* I was talking about the dear authoress, Lauren.

Combeferre: *glances up at title picture* It says 'Ursula' up there.

Cilla: *rolls eyes* Idiot. Can't you get outta here, 'Ferre? I don't think I need your help to introduce a page. I've done it many times before, thank you very much.

Combeferre: *sniff* Well, all right...If you're going to be that way...

Cilla: *bites lip* Awww...c'mere you. *hugs 'Ferre* Anyway, yeah, I was not original enough to develop my own manga storyline, so I have, with the author's permission, naturally, begun to develop a manga of one of Lauren's fics: "Deadboys". However, I do recommend that you read the story first or at least know what my individual Amis look like (there are all kinds of illustrations of them on the Images Page), otherwise I am not to be blamed if you get confused. Again, most profound apologies to Lauren for butchering the beautiful dialogue and description in her fic...<:-)

On with it, you say:


Chapter I Page

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Chapter II Page

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8

Chapter III Page

More coming soon...

Cilla: Whew! One day I'll write a long, whining rant about how time-consuming manga is. Or maybe someday I'll post my storyboards. *sigh* Anyway, thanks for coming to see this, and if you liked it, e-mail me, or e-mail Lauren. And in the classic style of "Good Cop/Bad Cop", here's my attack-dog Combeferre with his own message.

Combeferre: *grr* Don't you dare steal any of this without asking! Not a single page, not a single panel! *grr*

Cilla: Good boy. Sit. Stay. And if I find you chewing my shoes, I will take a newspaper to you, don't think I won't.

Special Thanks to:

Lauren, for obvious reasons

Combeferre, for modeling

Adobe Photoshop, for providing the typed words

Microsoft Paint, for continuously trying to f*ck me over

My Sharpie markers, for obvious reasons

The local school district, for giving me the summer to work on this

Esther, for getting me into manga (for better or worse)

Mom, for nagging me to do chores every time I'm in the middle of a complex inking job

Sir Elton John, for creating the musical AIDA, which plays almost continuously while I'm drawing

Lestat, for being adorable and inspirational

The many "how-to" manga help pages online, for obvious reasons

My school art teacher, for assigning projects over the summer, which gives my Mom (see above) something to nag me about

Victor-Marie Hugo, for obvious reasons

Mommy, I wanna go home...