I'm Leaving Now for Santa Fe...

Combeferre: *looks around* Well, I don't know where Cilla's gotten to, so I might as well give you the links...Just a tip: these are a very good way to escape the lunacy here...although some of them, taking into consideration the respect with which Cilla talks of them, I suspect they are every bit as insane as this place. So, my real advice to you is this--if you want sanity, go get obsessed with something else.

Here are some of Cilla's favorite links, and some of my own, as well:

Les Mis Links

Le Jardin du Luxembourg

Ursula's outstanding site! We cannot emphasize how much we owe to Ursula...Cilla's first Les Mis stuff on the web was posted here! Check out the excellent fanfic here (and I, being an original character, don't usually endorse fic), among many other things!

The Les MisÚrables Fan Fiction Index

Who doesn't love fanfic? Well, we characters don't appreciate it, but I've heard it's quite popular in the Les Mis online community. This site had basically every piece on fanfic on the web relating to Les Mis. Whoa.

Café Musain: the Les Mis 3NT site

Cilla mentions that you can find just about everything about everything on this site. Learn all about the Third National Tour, and keep up on breaking news on the Message Board.

The Anthony Crivello Appreciation Page

A wonderfully informative page dedicated to Anthony Crivello, obviously. I'm not familiar with him, but Cilla fawns over him all the time, so I take it he must be quite good.

*sniff* If you're looking to reunite with some old barricade companions, come here. It's an infinitely touching thing, mes amis, looking up old friends...

mihi cura futuri

The home page of the lovely Mme. Daisy and all her figments, of course...that is to say, Raisa and Chandler, mainly. The former being "the love of my life"...*blush* Much cuteness...

The Official Graham Rowat Website

The excellent Graham Rowat plays me in the Les Mis Third National Tour. Cilla swoons over this guy. She met him at the stage door in Tampa, and was informed that his website was in the works, so...here's his link, mes amis. Support Combeferre alumni!

People make the most interesting sites. This is Grayswandir's beautiful page dedicated to, obviously, Lesgle de Meaux. Known to some as Bossuet. I'm glad; it's about time that boy got a break.

Le Chateau Bleu

Ai, another lovely site, by another lovely person who appreciates me, the level-headed student. This site has some beautiful fanfic and some...in-teresting...lego Les Mis stuff. Don't ask; just go see.

La Galarie de Kalaq

Cilla told me to tell you that if you don't go to this site, she will assuredly seek out and destroy you. I sincerely hope she was kidding. But really, this is a site almost completely in Japanese and French, but is notable for the absolutely gorgeous fanart here, including some Les Mis fanart. Cilla says the drawing of Enjolras makes her swoon. Huh. Weirdo.

A Wasps' Nest

Oh, what to say, what to say. Cilla adores this site; she even drew a picture for it, which I found indescribably mortifying. Ah well. So what if I can never face Enjolras again, eh? If you adore slash, (and preferably that you're of a rather appropriate age...) this is certainly for you.

Byronic Heroes

Another Diaryland-formatted series of vignettes (concerning Les Amis, naturally; I don't think Cilla would have me add anything that didn't involve us in some way...).

Other Musical & Parody Links

Fiddler on the Roof

The only true website devoted to Fiddler on the Roof that we've found. An unofficial site devoted to the 1998 Melbourne production starring Topol. Quite helpful, actually, if you're unfamiliar with the play...

The Line Online

Again, the only website for A Chorus Line that we've found online. ACL is underrated, Cilla has decided. She forces me to listen to the song "What I Did For Love" over and over, and says, 'Oh, Etienne, you'll come see when I'm on Broadway, won't you?'...*sigh*


Don't laugh, please. Cilla is quite fond of Oliver!, God only knows why. I must admit, it is cute...

The Unofficial INTO THE WOODS Homepage

Another musical that I find completely bizarre that Cilla likes...well, actually I find just about every musical that Cilla likes completely bizarre...The lyrics are positively mind-boggling. :-)

Veronikitty & Kelonzi's Fanfic Central

For Cilla, the webpage that started it all! This is the single largest collection of Cats parodies on the WWW, and the website she claims actually sparked her interest in Les Mis in the first place...Cilla even has illustrations of Cats parodies posted here!

Jemima's Links

Okay, okay...Cilla told me that there are way too many good Cats sites to link to here, so I was cheap, and linked to someone else's link page instead. Bad 'Ferre. But they do have a lot of great links...<:-)

Everything is Rent

Hmmm, one of Cilla's favorite musicals as of late...she says I can't handle Rent. She's probably right. I admit, however, that I have, from time to time, caught myself singing that "Today 4 U" tune in the shower. *shudder*

Miscellaneous Links

The Costumer's Manifesto...awesome site, even if you're not heavy into costuming. And, according to Cilla, if you're not, you should be. :-P

Lots of free webpage stuff...excellent...

Web Diner

Some really beautiful alphabets that are available free for downloading. :-) They provided the pretty lettering on our splash page.

Absolute Background Textures Archive

Cilla got some very pretty backgrounds off of this site, which offers a multitude of free backgrounds of all sorts. For example, her Costuming Page background comes from here.

Sheet Music Plus

A great place to find any sort of sheet music. :-) That is a very good thing. A great selection for those of us, like Cilla, who are addicted to choral music.

Mr. Lincoln's Notre-Dame de Paris Page

A cool site for your Hunchback fix. According to Cilla, Pierre Gringoire is "awesome", and although he's a poet, he's nothing like Prouvaire. Another novel with a rather substantial death toll...

The French Revolution

I love this site, actually. It's completely devoted to things concerning the French Revolution, and while I'm not the biggest fan of the Terror, it's such a lovely site. Hm...I never imagined that Saint-Just fanfiction existed...

Louis Saint-Just

Everything you would ever want to know about this maniac. Enjolras puts Louis-Antoine on a pedastal, to be perfectly candid. I'm not such a fan, but he is fascinating, to say the least.

Well, that's all for now. I will now go "websurf" (as Cilla refers to it) some more, and find more links. Must...find...more...links...

Almost forgot! You can link to us now with a banner! Yay.

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