Combeferre's Domicile

Cillabub: Huh, more like "Combeferre's Nursery".

Combeferre: (sticks out his tongue at her) Thank you, you've already expressed sufficient disgust on my taste in wallpaper. But you did give me this place, to do with as I saw fit, so here it is. My very own place!

Cilla: I'm gonna take it away again if you don't introduce the links already!

Combeferre: Sheesh. All right, if I'm going to maintain this place, it must be webmistress-free, got that?

Cilla: Fine. I can tell when I'm not wanted. Carry on, then!

(She leaves, and Combeferre turns pleasantly to you.)

Combeferre: Sorry about that, everyone. She's really a dear. When it strikes her to be so. Anyway, this is my new home. I trust you like it well enough? This is home to everything relating to me and that attracts my interest.

Cilla: (ducks her head quickly through door) Or that he wishes to make snide comments concerning!

Combeferre: (exasperated) I thought you were gone! (turns back to you) Well, here we go, my friends.

My Photo Album

Cilla gave me a camera when she set me up here. Cool, non? Enjolras says I've been insufferable since. Here are the fruits of my efforts thus far, for your enjoyment.

Our Discussions

Here is where I log the frequent discussions among the Amis de l'ABC and some assorted other people that Cilla insists on referring to simply as "Mizzies".

My Miscellaneous Commentary on Things You Probably Never Wanted My Opinion On

I think the title pretty much says it all, does it not? Cilla highly approves this page of mine, for some odd reason.

My Gallery

Cilla is convinced that I need my own page for photos and fanart of me, so what could I say?

My room is usually always under construction, so check back later to see if I've updated!

You are Marone Grantaire, the Dashing Fellow.

Cilla made me take this...the nerve...

You are Raisa-Emilie Enjolras, the Transvestite.

Boy, that's embarrassing...

Oh, you'd rather go back to Cilla's sanity vacuum than stay in my room? Well, fine, then, I see how it is...